Vendor Warnings

Please be advised that the following vendors are not affiliated with the National Safety Council or the NSC Northeast Safety Conference & Expo. Be advised that NSC does not guarantee products or services from these vendors.

Unaffiliated Companies

  • Infoproperfect
  • Visitors Info Data
  • Eventztour 
  • Technology-data info
  • Infoglobal techs
  • BTB Data Mart
  • Globalbiz Media 
  • Retinkbiz Service
  • Syologic info
  • Usaevent Media
  • Firstdata Solution
  • Good Data Solution
  • Trust
  • Global Tech list
  • Global Data
  • Show Highleads
  • Secure
  • Pro Housing

If you are receiving solicitations from vendors not listed above, please forward that email to and we will add them to this list.